Site 2. Type 26 Machine Gun Pillbox

This Machine Gun Pillbox is a square FW3/26 modified pillbox, measuring 17½ feet by 14 feet (5.3m x 4.26m). It is built into the bank on the north side of Wick Harbour entrance facing southwards. Situated overlooking Wick Harbour and Bay it commands a very strong defensive position.

Artists impression of inside the pillbox in 1940
Artists impression of inside the pillbox in 1940.

The pillbox is constructed from 45 inch (114cm) thick red brick-shuttered walls to the front and sides, and 23 inch (58cm) at the rear, with the exception of the upper 24 inches (61cm) which is built with concrete bricks. The roof is made from a 40 inch(102cm) thick reinforced concrete slab, and the pillbox is sitting on top of a thick concrete floor.

There are three embrasures (splayed gun ports) facing east, south and west. The exterior of each is flat on top, and stepped towards the bottom and sides which allows an increased field of fire. The interior is slightly different as both the top and bottom are flat but the sides are angled to allow space for the machine gun as the gunner aims to the left or right. In the middle of each embrasure there is a 1 inch (2.5cm) piece of pipe fixed into the lower surface which protrudes from the concrete to allow for the spigot of a Bren or Lewis machine gun to be mounted.

Wick Pillbox Plan
Wick Pillbox Plan.